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Roraima Philharmonic

June 2022.

The political situation in Venezuela has caused a diaspora throughout the Western hemisphere that has affected all parts of society, and musicians have not been immune. The Roraima Foundation exists to support the musical activities of displaced Venezuelan musicians living in Lima, Peru, and sponsors a symphony orchestra that serves to keep these musicians active, connected, and as a fundraising vehicle to support these Venezuelan expatriates and to raise awareness of their lived experiences. Rafael was invited to offer a workshop for Venezuelan conductors in a live session with the Philharmonic. Greatly moved by the plight of so many displaced persons, he learned of the many personal connections that he has with mutual Venezuelan friends living in the United States with a similar upbringing in “El Sistema.” His own experiences working with the “Sistema” in Costa Rica and with like-minded programs throughout Latin America also served to create an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding with these fine musicians. Rafael hopes to return soon to conduct this orchestra again.


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