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National Conducting Seminar in Costa Rica

October 2023.

Invited by the Sistema Nacional de Educación Musical (SiNEM) within the Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica, Rafael presented a series of workshops on connecting musical language to gesture for orchestra conductors in the SiNEM. These five-hour workshops consisted of lecture topics, conducting technique, and 2-hour rehearsal master classes for conductors in front of a live student orchestra. Rafael presented for around 100 participants and 16 active conductors in three regions: San José in the Greater Metropolitan Area, Limón in the Caribbean zone, and Puntarenas on the Central Pacific coast.

This visit was an introduction to a more comprehensive professional development program in partnership with Augsburg University that will result in certificates and continuing education credits for participants. A formal Memorandum of Understanding is being drafted which will authorize more extensive programs including student exchanges. Rafael is thrilled to be working with the SiNEM once again and to be able to craft this program in support of the wonderful work in this institution.


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